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kutz bristol


Arising from Bristol DJ/producer Kutz aged 32 is a melting pot of his surroundings. 1st exposed and influenced to dnb/jungle in the years 99/2000 by his friends older sister who used to bump tape packs and have them scattered around the house he was instantly hooked by the music.


So after his local youth club were running a short dj-ing course he jumped at the chance to get involved. He quickly mastered his mixing skills and began building his own style of chopping and cutting in mix’s whilst heavily influenced by the bristol sound and labels in his home town such as dope dragon, full cycle and d-style to name a few.


Still at a young age and wanting to take things to the next step he was offered a place on a music production course by another youth project run by roni size and his brother. Kutz excelled the class and gained precious knowledge to further on his love and passion. With firm foundations cemented into him in this present day alongside an impressive roster of releases on many high profile labels and tours under his belts he continues to push his sound. Keep your ears to the ground for Kutz

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