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Kre – producer, DJ, raver at heart. A man who knows the different parts of the scene, and brings his whole experience to everything he does. A man going places, with an appreciation of what drum & bass means, and how to bring the most out of it. Kieron Evans is owner of Dub Dam- age Recordingz , his journey from his birthplace of Grays, Essex, has taken in all of the big events and raves across the country, both as raver and performer. After his initial baptism into the world of dance music, Kre went onto the decks for the first time, progressing from avid record collector to local radio (Cyndicut 97.8 FM), and regular sets with other up and comers.


Guest spots with DJ Guv on Kool FM followed, and Kre made up his mind to enter the world of production. Developing his skills, an introduction to Jayline kicked things into a higher gear. He proceeded to collaborate with Basshoven, and others, before his first release on CKB’s Class A Recordingz. Subsequent releases on Subway Soundz and Dubz Audio paved the way for the next stage in Kre’s recording career.


With qualifications in Music Technology, and a keen head for business, it seemed obvious for Kre to shoot high. To that end, Kre, formed Dub Damage, the London-based jump up label which is pioneer- ing drum & bass music in the UK and around the world. With new music from Dub Damage out now, and many big plans for the year ahead, including a various artists album, the label continues to be at the forefront of jump up d&b. Kre is vastly experienced in the live arena. His sounds have graced events far and wide, from Rampage ,Breakin Science, Definition ,Telepathy and Raveology, to Next Hype,Young Guns, Hysteria and the Low Down Deep Soundclash. Besides his UK commitments, he has played in Luxembourg, Belgium,France the Netherlands, Greece and Germany, and has also put on events in Greece, Germany and Belgium. As far as festivals are concerned Support for Kre’s work has come from across the scene, from names new and old.


Hype,Grooverider,Mickey Finn, Nicky Blackmarket and Brockie have latched on to the old skool elements of Kre’s sound, and further support has come from Guv, Logan D, Sub Zero,Tyke,Sly , Ruffstuff and a host of other leading names. Keep your eyes and ears out for more from the man Kre, as a DJ, producer and label owner. His knowledge of, and passion for, the music he makes marks him out as a leader in the drum & bass world. Much, much more to come from Kre.

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