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D-Minus's connection with music runs deep. Growing up in a household full of Motown and reggae sounds, he took inspiration from his father, a man steeped in music himself. It was in his blood.


Leaving school early to dedicate himself to studying music, he familiarised himself with all aspects of the craft, including rapping, production, playing instruments, and presenting. But it was the decks that hooked him in, and he knew he was destined to become a deejay. Sneaking into local Cardiff drum 'n' bass nights from his mid-teens, it was seeing Shy FX and Skibadee tear the roof off a dance that confirmed his path. He bought a set of decks for a fiver and D-Minus the deejay was born. A show on Cardiff FM cemented his place in the scene, and, building from a MIDI keyboard to a fully-functional home studio, it wasn't long before he secured his first release.


Earning his production stripes as part of the Dub Damage family, eventually he took the next step and started his own label, Death By Bass Recordings, in 2014. Crediting legends like Andy C, Hype, Guv, Majistrate and Pleasure as inspirations, as well as elite imprints like Low Down Deep and Playaz, the last few years have see D-Minus go from strength to strength. Hearing his tunes lighting up Rampage, having been played by SaSaSaS just confirmed how far he had come. From his perspective, though, there's a lot further to go.


2017 is the year where D-Minus really started popping. Support from the likes of Sasasas, Brockie, Garry K, Turno, Jaydan and Mollie Collins just to name a few pushed him further into the limelight, and recently signing tracks to Smokin Riddems as well as Phantasy and Macky Gee's Down 2 Easy confirmed his rising status. Smashing it in the studio as well as behind the decks, playing shows across the UK and beyond, the D-Minus story is just beginning.

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